Van Fanel Movie Costume

Movie Version Van Fanel Costume

Regular Adult Sizes:

$295.00 with boots

$275.00 without boots



Brown baggy shorts

Red long sash/belt

White fur puffed trimmed tan loincloth with dark brown spots and circles sewn on

Ornate silver vinyl multi-padded and layered "arm" with brown vinyl inside and wrist bands attached, exacting to detail, with silver/white buttons on each layer of armor, and with silver shoulder armor, coming down to attached circular chest armor, with brown knife sheaths and 2 knife cosplay accessories included. Silver waist belt with quilted trim and "armor" style bands.

Brown vinyl/pleather "fingerless gloves", with tufted wrist armor, goes up to elbow with flare, with a silver/crystal faux jewel on each of the knuckles (8 jewels in total)

*White brown and tan real boots, with puffed and quilted "armor" around ankles


*Flesh colored shirt is optional/available for additional $20


Black short, spiky wig available (not shown) for additional $45.00

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