Revolutionary Girl Utena Ring and Sword; Juri's Locket

Utena's Rose Ring

Anime/Movie Style Sword

Juri's Locket

Revolutionary Girl Utena -Ring, Sword, Locket


Utena Movie Sword $20.00

Utena Anime Style Ring $9.00

Juri's Locket $30.00


Movie Utena duellists fencing slender sword, is a plastic cosplay accessory with gold detailing and a plastic red rose set at the tip of hilt.

The Rose Signet ring is a cosplay accessory, metal ring base, with bas-relief sculpted rose signet in center. (Ring base may vary slightly from photos shown)

Juri's Locket is a cosplay accessory---metal pendant locket on gold chain necklace, with sculpted rose on lid and Shiori's picture inside. (Locket style may vary slightly)


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