Toby from Unico in the Isle of Magic


Photos courtesy of Scott L. Sugoi!! Thanks again!!

Toby from Unico in the Isle of Magic Costume

Regular Adult Sizes:

$260.00 with shoes

$245.00 without shoes


blue and light blue with golden yellow inside lining HUGE cape, with v-shapes at bottom, over 11' wide span, allows to completely cover yourself just as Toby does in the Anime.

blue and light blue collar

blue and light blue "skirt" with belt, v-shapes at bottom all around

blue and light blue long sleeve shirt with puffed/stuffed shoulders

tight blue and light blue pants/tights

blue gloves

blue and light blue "joker" type hat, goes under and around chin, with 2 golden balls at end of each stuffed end

*one blue and one light blue Peter Pan type shoes


Toby yellow wig (not shown) available for additional $65.00

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