Tenchi Muyo Light Hawk Sword Battle Suit

Tenchi Muyo Tenchi Light Hawk Sword Battle Suit Costume

Regular Adult Sizes:

$385.00 with shoes

$375.00 without shoes


Cadet blue crinkly wired circular "armor"

Gold wrist/hand bracelets

lavender inner robe with trim

lavender puffy puffy pants

lavender foot covers

white wrist bands with black cut off finger gloves

silver and blue shoulder armor

one golden circular elbow armor

indigo belt with gold buckle, dual

blue vest with white/silver trim and dangling front

white/silver overskirt with four gold 3D spheres and inner loincloths

*indigo "slippers"


Light Hawk 39" sword not included (style may vary) but available for additional $40.00

Black Spiky Wig (not shown) available for additional $45.00


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