Kisshu Costume


Wow!! Great cosplay! Thanks for sharing!! Wonderful!!!! *_*


John G. as Kisshu. Thank you for the terrific photos, John-san!

Kisshu from Tokyo Mew Mew

Regular Adult Sizes:

$170.00 with boots

$135.00 without boots


Black fully lined mid riff loose blouse with puffed sleeves and red trimmed collar

Red-brown fully lined midriff vest blouse

Fleshtone 'elf ears' headband

Red tufted armlets (2)

Black shorts with red belt cuff, 2 black long trails down back and red-brown fully lined 'loincloth' front

Red tufted leg bands (2)

Red hairties (2)

*Red brown layered shoes with black trim

Darkest green Professional Quality wig with pigtails available for additional $45.00 (Not shown)


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