Filia Ul Copt Costume

Latter photo is courtesy of Jill-san! Wai! Tottemo kirei! Thanks so much!!!

Filia Ul Copt Costume

Regular Adult Sizes:

$375.00 with boots

$345.00 without boots


White double fully cape, all trimmed in violet and lined in violet, with large gold/blue metallic "jewel" brooch in front, with front long white panel, trimmed in violet and accented with blue metallic decor and faux gems

pink low necked dress, with full skirt, ruffles all around the hem

pink sash belt

white gloves, trimmed in violet

one gold and blue faux gem wrist armor

Headpiece with two large round gold metallic baubles, blue faux gem in front, with two golden "spikes" out of tops

White hat trimmed in violet

black lace garter

*white calf boots


Yellow blonde (not shown) 4.5 ft wig available for $55.00 extra



Inflatable 2.5 foot mace available for $25.00 extra


For an additional $65.00, a life size, 5' foot long removable rust orange/tan dragon tail can be included. See pictures below for details.


*Only if purchasing the costume ensemble with boots included

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