Eros from Tenshi ni Narumon

Eros Costume from Tenshi ni Narumon

Adult regular sizes:

$255.00 with boots

$240.00 without boots



Navy blue super puffed sleeved shirt with green and lighter green upside down "v" stripes pattern, with cocoa flesh color center section and green and yellow "patches" on the sleeves and green trim

Navy blue baggy calf pants with green stripes on sides, front and diamond shapes at cuffs

Navy blue neck "clown" fluff with sky blue trim, fully lined

Green wide belt with point at top and green/gold faux "jewel" in center

Navy blue arm bands with green trim at cuffs and tops with "armor" over wrists

Lime green knee high socks

Lime green dual pointed cape that flaps over the front with darker green trim all around

Brown pointed ears headbead

Green puffed pointed "crown" with lighter green and gold piece in center headband

*Green curled toe shoes


*Only if ordering the complete costume with shoes

Short pale aqua wig with bangs available for additional $45.00