Revolutionary Girl Utena

Ohtori Academy Girl's Schooldress

Himemiya Anthy

Revolutionary Girl Utena Schooldress Costume

Adult Regular Sizes:

$140.00 with boots

$130.00 without boots


Ohtori Academy School fully lined white blouse with HUGE puffed sleeves, zip up back with aqua collar and white trim

Red tie with yellow strip

Ohtori Academy School aqua with white trim pleated mini skirt

White petticoat

white socks

*Black loafer shoes with white trim and gold buttons


*Only if purchasing the costume ensemble with shoes included


Anthy's medium purple upturned wig available for additional $65.00


Anthy's long flowing purple 25" wig available for additional $30.00


Anthy's Deluxe Professional Quality long flowing purple 30" wig available for additional $45.00

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