Umi Ryuuzaki Final Armor Costume

Umi's Final Armor Costume from Magic Knights Rayearth

Regular Adult Sizes:

$205.00 with boots

$185.00 without boots



Blue lame and paler aqua blue double lines huge cape with armor pointy tipped shoulders

Dark blue front panel with gold puffed trim

Fully lined dark blue "dress" with thick gold trim around the edges, and slit up the front

Pointed white, gold, and blue headdress

White Opera-length gloves with gold trim

Gold and Blue jeweled wrist band

*Thigh high white real boots, with gold trim


*Only if ordering complete costume with boots


30" Long cerulean azure blue wig (shown below) available for additional $45.00



4.5' Long cerulean Azure blue wig (not shown) available for additional $95.00




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