Incredible! The perfect Sasuke!!

Last photo courtesy of Jill M. Thank you so very much!


Sasuke Costume from Naruto

Regular Adult Sizes:

$180.00 with boots

$160.00 without boots



Black, fully lined long shirt, with wide collar, interfaced and lined in white, as well as white lined short sleeves; back has a white and red "paddle" symbol in center

Black tight shorts

Off white stretchy "prebandage" look thigh band (1)

Off white stretchy "prebandage" look legging bands with black "pleather like" straps premade to go around and around (2)

Off white stretchy "prebandage" look fingerless glove with black "pleather like" straps premade to go around and around (1)

Taupe stretchy, fully lined elbow "pads" with 4 giant silver eyelets in each (2)

Blue and "silver" "Village" headband/bandanna

Navy Blue pleather/vinyl thigh pouch (working)

Tan pleather/vinyl hip back pouch (working)

Black 3 "teardrop" symbol press on vinyl patch

*Black open toe boots

*Only if purchasing the costume ensemble with sandals included


Black back spiked wig with long front bangs, available for additional $70

Wow!!! So Sasuke-like!! Terrific!!! GORGEOUS photo!!! Just like the series!!! :faint: Nice Sasuke pose!! Great cosplaying job!!!

Last 3 photos above of our Sasuke wig, courtesy of Ashley P. san. Doumo arigatou!!


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