Model Z

Model Z Costume from Mega Man

Regular Adult Sizes:

$350.00 with boots

$290.00 without boots



Red pvc zip up, padded bodice with attached plastic armor red 'sleeves' and inner red and white sleeves, high white padded collar

Black fingerless gloves

White foam and purple tinted plastic 'eye visor' with side/ear panels

Black bodysuit (not shown)

White padded underwear with pearlescent white and turquoise hand sculpted 'gems' at each side

Black tufted thigh bands (2)

Red, gold with black trim and turquoise 'gems' wrist armor (plastic) (2)

Red triangular patch for forehead

*Red, black and gold boots with tufted trim at tops and ankles


Yellow 30" high quality wig (not shown) available for additional $45


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