Lucia Costume



Lucia from Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch

Regular Adult Sizes:

$295.00 with boots

$250.00 without boots



Pale pink mini dress, with fully lined with stiff tulle interfacting "circle skirts", a dark pink overskirt cape, dark pink shirred ruffles vertically on bodice and sleeve straps, while pale pink shirred straps are underneath, with dark pink/red large beads trimmed along edges of straps; fuschia puffed trim in "swirls" at chest bust around to back, with giant red buttons down front bodice and a large fully lined red long bow in back

White gloves with pink and dark pink fully lined ruffles (long and draping) stiffened. Right glove has large red/pink beads along wrist, while left glove has a fuschia strap with a handsculpted pearl, pink and gold with pink faux jewel in center "bracelet"

White pearl handsculpted "shell" necklace with dark pink iridescent "wings" on a red bead string necklace

Fuschia hair bands with pink iridescent "shell" beads all around (2)

Pink and white iridescent "shell" earrings--your choice of clip or pierced (2)

Silver bead head "tiara" with oval iridescent white pendant in front, with large pink faux jewel in center

*White calf boots, trimmed in fuschia puffed swirls around tops, with pink and dark pink shirred and lined long ruffles---stiffened in place


Yellow long pigtail Lucia wig (NOT SHOWN) available for additional $95.00




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