Lirin from Gensomaiden Saiyuki

$195.00 with boots

$175.00 without boots


Yellow stretchy midriff zip up top, with "v" cut at front and high collar, fully edged in purple trim

Lavender pants--left leg baggy with purple trim around cuff, right leg "fraying" and cut off like shorts--top has "v" shaped high cuff, edged in purple trim

Black pleather/vinyl criss cross belts with diamond shaped silver sculpted "buckle" in center

Yellow stretchy armlets, "v" shaped at both ends, lined in yellow, and trimmed in purple edging

Dark aqua "stole", fully lined in "hoop" shape

Rust/orange headband with tan and pink "elfy" ears

*Cerulean blue ankle boots with slits in sides, puffed "armor" on fronts and dual straps on each


*Only if ordering complete costume with sandals


Rust colored long ponytailed wig (not shown) available for additional $65.00


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