Lady Asuka of Fahren

Lady Asuka of Fahren Costume from Magic Knight Rayearth

Regular Adult Sizes:

$185.00 with shoes

$175.00 without shoes

Red Lined short jacket with puffed gold trim and Round gold large buttons

Red huge flowing gown with long long draping sleeves - Periwinkle on ends,
black and gold trim with hanging panels in the front

"Yin & Yang" symbol on the middle section, on periwinkle and gold backround

White underdress, huge and flowing with long long draping sleeves

White and red Spheres hair ribbons

Dangling earrings (Clip or pierced)

*Red pointy upturnded shoes


*Only if ordering complete costume with shoes


Black wig with 2 horizontal cones on sides and side "bangs" available for additional $105.00 US dollars.


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