Black Rose

Black Rose from .Hack//Sign Costume

Adult Regular Sizes:

$350.00 with boots

$320.00 without boots



Charcoal stretchy bikini with right side strap, trimmed with silver buttons; with wine fully lined and interfaced "armor" on front, trimmed entirely in gold rope all around, with golden yellow swirls and triangles all around, and gold and blue faux jewel in center

Plum Purple tight pants with handpainted dark pink "vines and thorns" all over

Plum purple choker with red faux jewels in center

Palest lavender front and back panel skirts, attached to charcoal grey hip belt with large sculpted silver "buckle" in center; attached hip and front armor of wine, fully lined and edged in gold rope all around. Golden designs adorn the front panels of the 3 layers of armor, along with silver buttons at each corner

Charcoal grey lycra glovelets with silver buttons at each hand

Wine, fully lined quilted and tufted, sleeve armor with golden designs down fronts, and attached rounded elbow armor with 3 golden "spikes" coming out of each, handpainted in gold

Gold tufted wristbands with 10 golden faux crystal jewels on each (pair)

*White and silver pvc vinyl calf boots with "armored" and bejewelled in amber "gems" tops and crisscross silver straps all around, with silver buttons at each intersection; with "silver" toes trimmed with 3 faux crystal jewels on each front

(*only if ordering complete costume ensemble)


Black Rose's lavender spiky down wig available for additional $35.00


Black Rose's 60" Broad sword & Sheath cosplay accessory available for additional $125.00

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