Ascot from Magic Knight Rayearth 2

Latter photo courtesy of Mickey W. Arigatou!!!!!!!!

Ascot from Magic Knights Rayearth

Adult regular sizes

$295.00 with boots

$275.00 without boots


White and green outer long robe, draping sleeves, fully lined

Navy blue baggy pants

Green sash belt

Navy Blue oversized beret type hat with gold decor and green "jewels"

Blue/gold and green hand covers

Gold belt v-shaped, with large green "jewel" in center

Navy blue turtleneck shirt

Gold with green "jewels" connected shoulder armor, goes all the way around the back and front

Sword with sheath

*White with gold curled toe boots, green "ball" on each foot



*Only if ordering the complete costume with boots

Auburn short brown wig available for additional $35.00