Oooh, wonderful cosplay and pose!!! I love the critter on her shoulder, too!!! Nice touch!

Last photo courtesy of Jill M. Doumo arigatou!!!

Wrath Costume from Full Metal Alchemist

Adult Sizes:





Black pleather/pvc or matte (your choice) midriff "flowing" bodice, zip up in back with shiny collar/neck

Black pleather/pvc or matte (your choice) hip shorts

1 Black glovelet

1 Dark Flesh colored spandex "glove arm"

Red "sticker" symbol to place on foot

1 Dark Flesh colored leg "glove"

1 Black foot cover with open heel and toes

Y shaped red pleather/pvc vinyl "strap" to go over shoulders/back and down to thighs

3 Red "stick on" pressure "O" shapes to affix red straps


Black wig in Wrath's style available for additional $45.00


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