Szayel Released


Szayel Released Costume

Regular Adult Sizes:

$595.00 with boots



Pale lilac quilted high collar zip up shirt (patterns all over)

White gloves with black long claw nails (2)

White fully lined draping armlets with dark purple trim and dark purple 'teardrops' coming down bottom and on the top, wired to stand out (2)

White 3 tiered long skirt, lined in dark purple, with dark purple edging trim, and dark purple 'teardrops' falling all around tiers

4 tiered grey 'wings' with 5' span on each side - wired with crimson 'teardrops' dangling from each tier all around (removable)

Violet tight pants with attached boots, with white patterned trim


Pink shoulder length Wig available (not shown) for additional $40.00


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