Lovely!!!!! So adorable together!

Latter 2 photos courtesy of Merry & Jill M. Doumo!!! ^^

Rosette Costume from Chrono Crusade

Regular Adult Sizes:

$275.00 with shoes

$255.00 without shoes


Royal blue fully lined dress, with up to hips slits on both sides; with short puffed sleeves with white interfaced cuffs with golden yellow bas-relief plates around; and with golden yellow bas-relief bejewelled "crosses" on each sleeve.

White fully lined and interfaced collar with high neck, trimmed in gold large beads, zip up front and "golden" antique cross in center

Royal blue, fully lined with white interfaced cap veil

Pale grey stretchy lycra corset type bodice with straps hanging down front, black straps in front, with preattached 2 working olive green "pouches" at each front side. An olive green, fully lined, quilted and tufted under "collar" at top of corset

White thigh high stockings

Tan with white interfaced cuffs elbow length gloves with golden yellow bas-relief plates on each

Handsculpted "canteen" look pendant on gold cord

White short bloomers with lace trim

*Tan ankle boots with tan straps from inside to out, with silver "toes" and silver "buckles" in front


Golden blonde layered wig available for additional $60.00

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