Katara Version 2

Beautiful Katara!!! Waii!!! Such an incredible cosplayer!!!!

Thanks so much, Alison san for the incredible photos!!! Doumo arigatou!!!!!


Katara Vers 2 Costume from Avatar the Last Airbender

Regular Adult Sizes:

$225.00 with boots

$200.00 without boots


Periwinkle blue zip up front coat, fully lined, with white fur hood and extra tufted fur tuft around hood, white fur at bottom of coat, navy blue stretchy long sleeves with fur cuffs, and over sleeves of white fur at the shoulders and a 3/4 length draping sleeve and yellow large 'circle' patch in front

Triangular pattern tan and navy blue sash belt with pouch in back

Navy blue choker with sculpted pendant attached

2 blue beads for hair

Navy blue baggy pants

*Charcoal ankle boots with white fur cuffs


Dark brown 35" long braided, bunned and beaded wig available for additional $70.00



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