Chrono Costume

Kakkoii!!! So adorable together!

Latter 2 photos courtesy of Jill & Merry M. Doumo!!! ^^

Chrono Costume from Chrono Crusade

Regular Adult Sizes:

$295.00 with shoes

$275.00 without shoes


Dark red, fully lined, fully interfaced long sleeved coat, split into 6 strips from waist down, with working front side pockets, an extra over cloak around shoulders, with large gold button in front, high collar trimmed in yellow-orange and with silver "armor" closure at neck; with straps and buttons on back of extra short cloak, with straps and gold edges on cuffs

White button up blouse with front panel, and black high collar, trimmed in yellow-orange

Black wide belt/sash, fully lined

Dark red fully interfaced and lined shorts that "stand out"

Black tight stretch pants

White stretchy lycra 5 paneled leggings

Black lycra wristlets with yellow-orange trim and orange metallic "jewels" on each (2)

Red lycra bandanna with 3 silver buttons in center front

Headband with pointed ears attached

Yellow-orange hairbow

*Brown loafer type shoes with huge tongues coming up to lower calf


Indigo 4.5' long braided and spiked wig available for additional $60.00

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