C.C. Butterfly Costume

Thanks so much for this incredible photo, David-san!

Thanks for the awesome photo, David-san! (Courtesy of David L. and Hendrickson) Doumo arigatou!!!!

C.C. Butterfly Costume

Regular Adult Sizes:

$535.00 with shoes

$515.00 without shoes


Wine satin ballgown, with embroidered lace spaghetti strap sleeves, with lacy butterfly front bodice and triple layered skirts with 'triangle' lace patterns at the hems, and full 6 foot train

Wine bead choker with wine lace butterfly at left side

Wine glovelets with lace butterflies at upper arm and at wrists (2)

Red beaded full headdress with 2 yellow butterflies and beads on each side with combs

White train hoopskirt petticoat

Crescent moon earrings with dangling pearl beads (2)



Lime Green long wig with bangs available for additional $55.00

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