Tangled/Rapunzel UFOs!!



Eugene Fitzherbert (Before Ever After) 21" Plush (Before & After Photos above.)
You will receive the 'After' Plush with dark brown
hair in his proper hairstyle and bangs.






Wedding Eugene 21" Plush Doll (Additional $15 for this item)




Wedding Rapunzel 20" Plush Doll (Additional $15 for this item)


Varian (Before Ever After/TV Series) 7-10" Plush


Varian (Before Ever After/TV Series) 10" Plush w/Neck (Additional $10 for this item with neck)

with Neck




Varian (Before Ever After/TV Series) 12" Plush w/Neck




You may also order characters from Rapunzel that are not shown above! Please contact us for details. Thank you again!




Fairytale Prince type with Embroidered eyes 21" Plush doll: $85.00


Regular 4" Small SD UFO Plush $45.00 (with keychain $50.00)

Regular Human type 7-10" Size UFO SD Plush: $55.00

Regular 12" UFO SD Plush: $150.00

Regular 2' UFO SD Plush: $200.00 (with wired individual fingers add $75.00 more)

Regular 3' UFO SD Plush: $350.00 (with wired individual fingers add $75.00 more)

Regular 4' UFO SD Plush: $500.00

Regular 5'6" Large Unstuffed UFO Plush: $1200.00 +

(Plus additional $500.00 to be wired, with Internal poseable skeleton)


Animal/Machine/Creature UFO 7-9" Plush: $75.00 + Up

Animal/Machine/Creature UFO 12-15" Plush: $175.00 + Up

Animal/Machine/Creature 2' UFO plush $275.00 + Up

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