Pet Portrait Plushies!!!!


Fudge 'Fudgie' 21" Beagle/German Shepherd Mix Portrait Plush


Herbie 'Haba' 12" Yorkshire Terrier Portrait Plush


Lady 12" UFO

Lady 12" Poodle Portrait Plushie



Kurt Hamster 4" UFO

Kurt the Hamster 4" Portrait UFO



You may also place orders for your own Pet Portrait plush of your own beloved pet! As a rembrance keepsake or just a replica of your pet!!!


These are just a sampling of what can be made, just for you!!


Pet Portrait 4-6" Plush: $75.00

Pet Portrait 7-9" Plush: $95.00

Pet Portrait 12-15" Plush: $175.00

Pet Portrait 20-24" Plush: $295.00

Pet Portrait 30-36" Plush: $495.00

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