Heero Yuy Anime 3' UFO

Heero Yuy Anime 3' UFO Doll

Duo Maxwell Endless Waltz 3' UFO

Duo Maxwell Endless Waltz Special Edition 3' UFO Doll ($10 extra for sunglasses & cross necklace- specify if wanted)


Trowa Barton Endless Waltz 3' UFO

Trowa Barton Endless Waltz Special Edition 3.5' UFO Doll

Duo Maxwell 2' UFO

Duo Maxwell 2' UFO Doll

Duo Maxwell EW 2' UFO
Thank you so much for the lovely photo, Alison-san! We're so glad you like the plush!!!
(Latter photo courtesy of Alison-san! Thanks so much for sharing it!)

Duo Maxwell Endless Waltz 2' UFO Doll

Trowa Barton 2' UFO

Trowa Barton 2' UFO Doll

Quatre R. Winner 2' UFO

Quatre R. Winner 2' UFO Doll

Trowa 7" Clown UFO!!!

Trowa Barton Clown Outfit 7" UFO (Nose is extra cost)

Trowa 2'Clown UFO!!!

Trowa Barton in Clown Outfit 2' UFO Doll

Treize 2' UFO

Treize Khushrenada 2' UFO ($15 additional for this item)

Duo Casual 7" UFO

Duo in Endless Waltz Casual Outfit 7' UFO Doll

Trowa OZ 7" UFO

OZ Uniform Trowa 7' UFO Doll (Nose is $5 extra cost)

Wufei Dragon 7" UFO

Wufei Chang in Dragon Outfit 7' UFO Doll

Duo Priest 7" UFO

Duo in Anime Priest Outfit 7' UFO Doll




You may also place orders for Gundam Wing character plushies not shown above, or different sizes of any of the characters above. Please specify in your order form what size doll you are ordering. Thank you!


Regular Human type 7-10" Size UFO Plush: $40.00 (with talking chip add $20 more)

Regular 12" UFO Plush: $80.00 (with talking chip add $20 more)

Regular 2' UFO Plush: $150.00 (with wired individual fingers add $75.00 more)

Regular 3' UFO Plush: $300.00 (with wired individual fingers add $75.00 more)

Regular 4' UFO Plush: $400.00 (with talking chip add $20 more)


Regular 4" Small UFO Plush $30.00 (with keychain $35.00)


Regular 5' 4" Large Unstuffed UFO Plush: $500.00 +

(Plus additional $400.00 to be stuffed, wired, & clothed, with Internal poseable skeleton)


Animal/Machine/Creature UFO 7-9" Plush: $65.00 + Up

Animal/Machine/Creature UFO 12-15" Plush: $125.00 + Up

Animal/Machine/Creature 2' UFO plush $225.00 + Up

*The TALKING dolls will speak 10 seconds in their English voice or their Japanese voice, your choice any phrase you want from the 49 episodes, Endless Waltz Movie, Blind Target CD Drama or Image Songs phrases! (The Blind Target Drama and the Image Songs are ONLY in Japanese---no English).