Digimon UFOs!!!


Renamon 7" UFO

Renamon 7" UFO from Digimon

Terriermon 7" UFO

Terriermon 7" UFO from Digimon

Dorumon 12" UFO

Dorumon 12" UFO from Digimon ($15 additional for this item)

Minimon 4" UFO

Minomon 4" UFO from Digimon


Piximon 12" UFO

Piximon 12" UFO from Digimon ($20 additional for this item)


Shoutmon 12" UFO from Digimon




Silphymon 7" UFO

Silphymon 7" UFO from Digimon (Additional $35 for this item)


You may also place orders for Digimon character plushies not shown above, or different sizes of any of the characters above. Please specify in your order form what size doll you are ordering. Thank you!



Regular Human type 7-10" Size UFO Plush: $45.00

Regular Human type 12" UFO Plush: $90.00

Animal/Creature 4" Small UFO Plush $40.00 (with keychain $45.00)


Animal/Machine/Creature UFO 7-9" Plush: $65.00 + Up

Animal/Machine/Creature UFO 12-15" Plush: $115.00 + Up

Animal/Machine/Creature 2' UFO plush $225.00 + Up

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