"Hello, everyone! How are you all? My name is Amy Anderson and this is my boyfriend, Greg Mueller. We would like to tell you all about the exquisite resin model building we do and share the lovely work with all you Sailor Moon fans! These beautiful models would make a gorgeous gift for that someone special, isn't that so, Greg?"

"It sure is, Amy. And you do such great work, I mean, everything you do is perfect!"

(blushing)"Oh, Greg! You're too sweet to me!!"

"No way, Amy! Nothing could ever be too good for you! You deserve only the best of everything. I don't know why you're interested in a guy like me...."

"Greg! Don't talk like that! You are wonderful! And I'm lucky to have you too!! Now, let's get back to our tour of the Resin Models we have available for commission. Other anime as well!! Just request it and it could be yours!!"

****Please note: You are paying ONLY for our time and labor for the models, not the actual character, and these are intended for personal home use only. E.A.B.****

Let our tour guides show you all the available Sailor Moon models that can be made, just for you! Please click on the icon for each Sailor Soldier that you are interested in viewing models of.


Sailor Moon

Tuxedo Mask

Sailor Mini Moon

Sailor Mini Mini

Sailor Mercury

Sailor Mars

Sailor Jupiter

Sailor Venus

Sailor Uranus

Sailor Neptune

Sailor Pluto

Sailor Saturn

Sailor Starlights

Asteroid Sailors

Cat Guardians

Various Sailor Moon Characters


Gundam Wing Resin Models

Final Fantasy X-2 Resin Models

Various Anime Characters



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