Joey & Mai 1:6 Scale Paper Doll Set

These beautifully rendered paper dolls are custom made, 1:6 scale, (approx. 10.5" high Joey and 10" Mai), and are accurate in EVERY way. They include 4 outfits each, shown in the actual ANIME/Games/Manga, and are their "ancestor" forms!!!

PRICE: $12.95

Outfits included are:

Joey Wheeler (2005 AD), Christopher Urswick (1485 AD), Jono (1385 BC), Sir Hermos (8000 BC)
Mai Valentine (2005 AD), Margaret Beaufort (1485 AD), Maya (1395 BC), Lady Mytilene (8000 BC)


All these beautiful, handmade, outfits, stands, and dolls are included in this set!

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