Sailor Ceres and Sailor Junos 1:6 Scale Paper Doll Set


These beautifully rendered paper dolls are custom made, 1:6 scale, (approx. 8" high CereCere and 8" JunJun[not including her hair]), and are accurate in EVERY way.

They include 5 outfits each, shown in the actual ANIME, not just any "clothes!"

PRICE: $11.99


Outfits included are:

Sailor Uniforms

Amazoness Quartet Uniforms

Neo-Princess Ceres and Neo-Princess Junos

Casual Clothes

Work Clothes


All these beautiful, handmade, outfits, stands, and dolls are included in this set!

*******OTHER OUTFITS AVAILABLE: EVERY Anime Outfit ever worn, EVERY manga outfit ever worn!! Email for details and pictures********

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