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*Return to Me – 62 pages, Circle: SetsunaKou & HarukaKou, 8" x 11" size $60.00

Serious story, Treize is found alive, and reclaims his title as Monarch of Russia. He discovers Trowa is his long lost brother from a scar, and the already married Tro x Cath come to the Russian palace to live. Meanwhile, Middie Une discovers "No Name" is now the Prince of Russia and tries to break him and Cathrine apart so she can take her place at his side. She convinces Cathrine to leave Trowa for his own good. Cathrine, in an emotional state, hears her, and runs away, leaving Trowa in Middie’s hands. Will he search for his lost Cathrine or accept the advances of Middie? Appearances by Heero x Relena, Duo x Hilde, Quatre x Dorothy, Wufei x Sally, Treize x Lady Une, Zechs x Noin, and Mariemaia. Set in A.C.198. Bonus "Family Album" page showing Trowa x Cathrine's 3 children.

*Casablanca – 16 pages, Circle: Parsley/Maki Kikunaga, 5" x 7" size $15.00

Trowa discusses his feelings for Cathrine with Sally Po; SD Tro x Cath funny story follows main serious story.

*Angel Spark – 24 pages, Circle: Gypsy Crystal/Ichiko Matsushita, 6" x 8" size $25.00

Mix of serious and Comedy stories—all 5 GW pilots appear, Duo x Hilde story, Tro x Cath story, 5 GW Pilots on Peacemillion stories.

*Candy Machine – 22 pages, Circle: Red Dragon, 7" x 10" size $20.00

Serious story of Tro x Cath, almost lemon story but nothing hentai shown--all implied, beautifully drawn. Trowa is about to leave the circus to fight again, but Cathy stops him, licks his head which causes him to become "like a wild animal". He grabs her, kisses her, and....ahem, you know. ^.~ Then, she in a daze, wakes up, finding Trowa gone. She longs for him, ands wants him to come back to her soon. Also, Wufei x Sally story, Duo page, Tro x Cath funny story, Cathy information pages, all GW women swimsuit spreads (very busty).

*Divin’ to Paradise – 40 pages, Circle: Gypsy Crystal/Ichiko Matsushita, 7" x 10" size $40.00

Heero x Relena serious story, Duo x Hilde page, Wufei x Sally page, Quatre x Dorothy picture, Trowa x Cathrine (appearance by Quatre) funny 1 page story, and a main serious story of Trowa x Cathrine’s wedding plans. (Guest starring Quatre) Bedroom scenes with Trowa wanting to set a date for their wedding. Really nice, with Circus style wedding portrait at end.

*Gift of the Magi – 40 pages, Circle: Gypsy Crystal/Ichiko Matsushita, 6" x 8" size $40.00

4 Christmas stories – 1st Trowa gets sick and Cathrine nurses him, 2nd AU Fairy Cathrine gets lost in the snow on Christmas Eve, 3rd (guest artist I ME MINE/Souya Fuji) Trowa and Cathrine get ready for a Christmas Circus performance and while they wait to open, he gives her an early gift, 4th Trowa proposes to Cathrine at Christmastime. Beautiful!

*A Knife-Throwing Girl – 50 pages, Circle: ANTHOLOGY, 6" x 8" size $50.00

Approximately 14 different stories – some comedy, some drama. Various artists including Noriko Sato, Bambi Takada, Ichiko Matsushita, Diamond Girl, etc.

*Love Revolution – 40 pages, Circle: Gypsy Crystal (with guests), 7" x 10" size $40.00

Various stories, most are comedic. Trowa has amnesia and the other 4 pilots try to make him remember by showing him pictures of Heavyarms; Trowa finally makes Cathrine think of him as a lover, not a brother; Cathrine is scared of a storm and Trowa comforts her; Trowa walks in on Cathrine in the bath; Trowa hurts Cathrine’s feelings, talks about it to Quatre and goes to apologize to her. Plus many portrait pages of the beautiful couple.

Love Trowa – 24 pages, Circle: 8" x 11" size $20.00

Various stories; Trowa biography, Trowa body chart, Tro x Cath funny stories (she's feeding him while he's chained up in a cage, she throws knives at him to tear his clothes off, etc), portraits, more.

Our Human Eyes – 40 pages, Circle: Gypsy Crystal, 7" x 10" size $40.00

Heero x Relena "Guardian Angels" story, Tro x Cath as "Sleeping Beauty", Tro x Cath portrait with their children; Trowa gets very jealous when he sees Cathrine with another man; Trowa x Cathrine portrait scenes; Trowa must leave Cathrine again to fight and she protests.

Sepia – 24 pages, Circle: Atelier Hototogis/Sanae Kaneko, 7" x 10" size $20.00

Cathrine cries for Trowa to return to her; Text story of Tro x Cath; Trowa returns home to the Circus in the rain.

*Sunshine Heroes – 25 pages, Circle: Gypsy Crystal/Ichiko Matsushita, 6" x 8" size $20.00

GW gang goes to the beach! Heero x Relena beach story (appearances by Duo x Hilde, Tro x Cath); Wufei x Sally go to the beach; Tro x Cath beachside story; Quatre x Dorothy beach story (guests Tro x Cath); Duo x Hilde funny story; Tro x Cath Honeymoon story. Cute!

*Tomorrow’s King – 22 pages, Circle: Gypsy Crystal/Ichiko Matsushita, 7" x 10" $20.00

Cathrine longs/cries for Trowa but pretends to Manager she’s okay; Trowa talks to Lady Une about his "home"; funny story of Trowa bringing Lady Une to meet Cathrine; Trowa coming home to find Cathy asleep, murmuring his name, he comes to her, covers her with a blanket and kisses her head saying "I love you, Cathrine."

Warmth – 40 pages, Circle: Atelier Hototogis/Sanae Kaneko, 6" x 8" size $40.00

Cathrine is sick and Trowa comforts her by putting his hand on her forehead, and in turn, she comforts him after a few minutes when he feels he is unworthy even to touch her; Text story of Trowa x Cathrine’s love, tested by rumors about Heero and Trowa. Duo & Quatre appearances. Guest story (Three Poemers) of Trowa x Cathrine enjoying coffee together, having a small argument and making up.

Spica – 66 pages, Circle: Gypsy Crystal, Three Poemers 7" x 10" $60.00

Trowa x Cathy meet Triton Bloom! 2nd story is of their wedding and the whole GW gang attending! Some nice sketches and scenes/artwork from Three Poemers too!!

*Wish List – 30 pages, Circle: Gypsy Crystal/Ichiko Matsushita, 6" x 8" size $25.00

1st story – During EW, Duo, Sally and Trowa discuss the hostages (mainly Cathrine) on X-18999 (Cathrine appears in flashbacks); 2nd story – Trowa comes home to Cathy, and wears a Preventers uniform. Cathy doesn’t know what to think about it and is distressed.; 3rd story – Honeymoon first night – Trowa x Cathrine just got married, it’s their honeymoon night, but Trowa sadly tells Cathrine she should sleep and rest. (With a very pouty face). Cathy gets angry, but then realizes that Trowa just loves her so much that he feels he would hurt her if they got….too physical…on such a busy day when she was tired. She assures him she’s not tired at all and he happily accepts her invitation. (Isn’t he just too perfect?!) Bed scene at the end.

*You’re My Only Shining Star – 36 pages, Circle: Three Poemers, 6" x 8" size $35.00

Trowa x Cathrine’s first kiss (Cathy slaps him right across the face!); Trowa x Cathrine wedding picture; Trowa returns home to Cathy at the Circus. White Fang attacks, gun fight ensues and then Cathy is in shock. She yells, but Trowa grabs and kisses her. Later, there are bed scenes and Trowa blushing, looking at a sleeping Cathy next to him and when she wakes up he says to her "Let’s get married, Cathrine." Beautifully done doujinshi!

Next to Trowa – 26 pages, Circle: Cat People/Ituki Kusano, 6" x 8" size $25.00

All about Trowa. 5 GW Pilots appear, Cathrine appears. Cute ideas!

Long Way Home – 64 pages, Circle: Atelier Hototogis/Sanae Kaneko, 6" x 8" size $60.00

5 stories – 1st about Trowa’s past with the mercenaries; 2nd story – Duo’s past with the Church; 3rd story Trowa talks about his feelings for Cathrine to Heero and Heero thinks about Relena; 4th story Cathy comforts Trowa at the circus. Heero x Relena set up for a blind date, Quatre, Cathy, Trowa appears.

Ultimate Life 03– 30 pages, Circle: , 8" x 11" $30.00

Cathrine and Quatre appear; Quatre discusses the battles they fought with Trowa; Dorothy & Mariemaia play chess together; Trowa comes home to the circus, Treize & Duo discuss Trowa. HUGE sized book.

*The Future in Your Eyes – 20 pages, Circle: KasuteraKikaku, 6" x 8" $20.00

Trowa x Cathy realizing their true feelings towards each other and where he belongs. 2nd story of Cathy feeling sick and Trowa comforting her.

Lost Prince of the Blue – 28 pages, Circle: Atelier Hototogis/Sanae Kaneko, 6" x 8" $25.00

Trowa's past, when he is working for Doctor S is reminisced here. A "No Name" story. Very thoughtful.

Gentle Curse – 20 pages, Circle: Atelier Hototogis/Sanae Kaneko, 6" x 8" $20.00

Cathrine meets up with Wufei. Set after Endless Waltz. She and Wufei go to a restaurant and discuss their lives. Very sweet and cute! Trowa is mentioned and shown.

Echo II – 24 pages, Circle: , 7" x 10" $20.00

Set during the series, Trowa and Quatre discuss their lives and their missions. Beautifully drawn!!!!

Children of the New Century 3 – 18 pages, Circle: Side 2K 1995, 7" x 10" $15.00

Set during the series, Trowa and Cathrine, Trowa saving Heero during Episode #10, Trowa in OZ. Nicely drawn!


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