Infinite Sailor Moon Doll Outfit

Infinite Sailor Moon is a white velvet Sailor uniform with many layers of organza, chiffon and velvet skirts with tufted belts. It also features "feathers" on her bust along with chiffon draping sleeves, encircled in pearl bead strings up and down the arms! On the back is a beautiful golden and silver platinum skirt cape to her ankles! A full length staff with silver and gold, encircled with beads is included, and on her head is a crown with all the jewels of the rainbow on it!! The shoes are pure white with feathers!! Included as well is a pair of removable HUGE tufted, detailed wings.


11" Fashion Doll Size $100.00

6" Adventure Doll / Dream Pocket Size $75.00

60cm/24" BJD Size $200.00



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