Yami Yugi/Yugi Motou 11" Volks of Japan Doll

Yami Yugi or Yugi Motou (grown up) 11" Volks of Japan Doll!!! Yugi is the King of Games for a reason! The guy almost never loses to anyone and he has enough confidence and attitude to scare any would-be duelist away with his incredible strategies!! But the poor guy turns out to be an ancient Pharaoh and by the end of the series discovers his true identity and departs our world. (*cries and weeps*) However, the story isn't over, because, as seen in Yu-Gi-Oh! GX, this is also what Yugi Motou will look like when he's all grown up!!! Aww, so cute and yet so commanding at the same time!! How does he do it?! Definitely, he makes Tea stand up and take notice!

Yugi's Stats:

Birthday: June 4
Height: 5' 4"
Weight: 93 lbs
Blood Type: AB
Favorite Food: Hamburgers
Least Favorite Food: Shallots

Very accurate and detailed doll! Look at his hair!!! The doll comes "in box" (though box may vary) with removable jacket and deluxe stand.
(Slifer plush & Duel Disk Accessories not included, but available for additional cost--see plushie section for details)

Price: $120.00



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