Odion Ishtar 11.5" Obitsu Japan Doll

Odion Ishtar11.5" Obitsu Japan Doll!!! Poor Odion is always having to follow the orders of Master Marik, though he knows inside that it's wrong! But finally, his faith and hope in Marik is proven when the boy realizes the error of his ways and decides to fight alongside the Pharaoh instead of against him!!

Odion's Stats:

Birthday: September 26
Height: 6' 7"
Weight: 220 lbs
Blood Type: 0
Favorite Food: ???
Least Favorite Food: ???

The doll comes "in box" (though box may vary) with his main attire, consisting of a dark purple long sleeved shirt with large turtleneck, silver pvc/pleather tiered armlets, dual navy blue/grey vinyl belts with buckles and silver "beads" on each side; charcoal black baggy pants and knee high black boots! His ears are adorned with "golden" dangling symbols and he has a completely bald tanned skin head, except for 1 lock of jet black hair coming out the back. Odion carries the Millennium Scales, just as his counterpart from Egypt used to do millennia ago!

Odion is made using the 11.5" Obitsu Japan male body, and Obitsu Japan Male Head #3!! His eyes are an iridescent gold and on his left side of his entire face are the "markings" he did to himself to prove his loyalty to the Ishtar family, and especially to Marikl!

Price: $110.00


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