Marik Ishtar 11" Volks/Obitsu Japan Doll

Marik Ishtar11" Volks/Obitsu Japan Doll!!! Marik is SUCH an attractive man, isn't he? It seems that no one can resist but falling under his spell! Marik was a good and sweet child, who grew bitter with revenge when he was iniated as the traditional Tombkeeper, waiting for Pharaoh's return. Instead, he wanted to take the power for himself so as to break the pattern of his family's legacy. But in the end, Marik realizes that he was only consumed by anger and spite at the one he blamed for his suffering, and once more becomes the kind, sweet boy he had once been. And now that the Tombkeeper's mission is complete, Marik, Ishizu and Odion can forge a new life for themselves!! All Marik needs is a lively gal to keep up with him, ne? ^.~

Marik's Stats:

Birthday: December 23
Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 121 lbs
Blood Type: B
Favorite Food: Koshari
Least Favorite Food: Meat

The Marik doll comes "in box" (though box may vary) wearing his final outfit, which consists of a black lycra sleeveless A-shirt, tan tight pants with pockets on thighs, black and brown ankle boots, black pvc/pleather belt with "silver" buckle, 2 golden tiered wristbands, neckband, 2 upper arm bands. Of course, his powerful Millennium Rod is included! His orchid eyes are iridescent and incredibly alluring! His silky hair is the palest platinum blonde and styled just like his!
Marik Ishtar is a VERY handsome, very cool and incredibly daring young man!

Marik is made using the 11" Volks of Japan N Slender Male body, and Obitsu Anime #4 head---both of which are handpainted in a dark tan skintone.

Price: $105.00

**Karen doll not included, but sold separately**


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