Dark Magician 13" Volks of Japan Doll

Dark Magician 13" Volks ofJapan Doll!!! Dark Magician is Yugi's favorite Duel Monster and, has a bond, with the past Egyptian Mahaad who was the Pharaoh's loyal servant! He's a skilled magician and tried to teach his protege, Mana (Dark Magician Girl), all he knew. With his stoic attitude and confidence, it's no wonder his student is in love with him!

The Dark Magician doll comes "in box" (though box may vary) wearing his royal purple metallic magician outfit with metallic purple bodysuit, robe, tall swirled metallic boots and headpiece/hat with 3 layers of "armor" on shoulders and wrists! He carries his teal staff and has iridescent purple hair!!

Dark Magician is made using the 11.5" Volks of Japan N Male body, and Obitsu Anime #4 head.

Price: $130.00

**Dark Magician Girl doll not included, but sold separately**

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