Wedding Sailor Moon 11" BanDai Japan Doll

This gorgeous, custom made Wedding Doll of our own Serena Hart/Usagi Tsukino is simply breathtaking!! She wears a gorgeously made white chiffon gown, with a full span of 18" multi layered skirt, bodice and veil trimmed in white satin roses everywhere! She wears sheer white pantyhose, with a lacy garter and white shoes to complete the look! She holds a spray bouquet of white roses and her veil is simply beautiful with roses everywhere!! She comes in a custom made GOLDEN Large collector's box approx. 17" x 12" and 3 1/2" deep, with a front flap, just like the collectors! A manga picture of Wedding Serena is on the inside flap, as well.

PRICE: $150.00 US

Wedding Serena!


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