Wedding Sailor Mars 11" BanDai Doll

This gorgeous, custom made Wedding Doll of the fiery Rei Hino is simply breathtaking!! She wears a gorgeously made white taffeta gown, with a full span of 13" skirt, bodice and veil trimmed in red beads, just like in the manga!! She wears sheer white pantyhose, with a lacy garter and white shoes to complete the look! She holds two bouquets, one of red roses and another of white blooms and her veil is simply beautiful full of gold!! She wears a red necklace dangling down and she is just too pretty! She comes in a custom made GOLDEN Large collector's box approx. 17" x 12" and 3 1/2" deep, with a front flap, just like the collectors! A manga picture of Wedding Amy is on the inside flap, as well.

PRICE: $85.00 US

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