Mistress 9 11.5" Irwin America Style Doll

Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon S

Thank you, Stefani san!!! They're lovely!!!

Latter photo courtesy of Stefani V-san! Doumo arigatou!!!

Mistress 9 11.5" Irwin America Style Handmade Doll

Mistress 9 Irwin America Style doll : $110.00 in box

This is a beautiful 11.5" tall fashion doll of Mistress 9 from Sailor Moon S! She is absolutely gorgeous, with INCREDIBLY long black hair!

Mistress 9 comes in her black and indigo velvet 2 piece dress, with beads strung around/across her shoulders She wears black shoes and is an absolutely breathtaking doll!!

This is a beautiful, fully poseable doll that is perfect for the Sailor Moon fan!!!


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