Zoycite 11" Irwin America Style Doll

Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon

Zoycite 11.5" Irwin America Style Handmade Doll

Female Zoycite : $55.00 in box
Male Zoycite: $95.00 in box (Not shown)

Female Zoycite : $55.00 in box

Male Zoycite : $95.00 in box

This is a very detailed and great likeness 11.5" tall fashion doll of Zoycite from Sailor Moon!

Zoycite comes in her dark grey suit with dark green trim and white gloves, plus tall dark black-green boots. Very accurate and great doll!!! Super poseable!!

*****If you want a MALE Zoycite, please specify when ordering; otherwise you will receive the FEMALE Zoycite.*******


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