Greg/Ryou 11" VOLKS of Japan Doll

Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon

Infinite Mercury and Greg!!! Greg!!!

Greg Mueller/Ryou Urawa 11" VOLKS of Japan Handmade Dolls

Greg/Ryou : $95.00 in box


This is a cute, very detailed and great likeness 11" tall fashion doll of Greg/Ryou from the Sailor Moon Anime, Manga and Artbooks! He is really sweet, with big anime eyes, tinted with many different shades of brown! His dark black-brown hair is parted and styled!

Greg wears his jeans, sweater, vest and brown leather coat ensemble he wore during the first season of Sailor Moon anime series.

This is a beautiful, fully poseable doll that is perfect for the Sailor Mercury & Greg fan!!!

***If you are interested in acquiring the other Sailor Moon characters, please inquire for details.***



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