Sailor Saturn Dolls

Sailor Saturn!!!

These are custom made, 5-11" dolls of the Sailor of Destruction, Sailor Saturn!! Both versions come "in box". Please click on which doll you'd like to view below:

IRWIN America STYLE Original Sailor SATURN 11.5" Doll

IRWIN America STYLE Baby Hotaru 5" Doll

IRWIN Canada STYLE Original Sailor SATURN 10.5" Doll

VOLKS of Japan Original Sailor SATURN 10" Doll

VOLKS of Japan Super Sailor SATURN 8" Doll

VOLKS of Japan Eternal Sailor SATURN 8" Doll

VOLKS of Japan Infinite Sailor SATURN 8" Doll

BanDai Japan/Asia Original Sailor SATURN 11" Doll

BanDai Japan/Asia Original SUPER Sailor SATURN 11" Doll

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