Queen Serenity 11" Japan VOLKS Style Doll

The beautiful queen and mother of Princess Serenity, Sailor Moon!!! The doll pictured was made using a premium VOLKS of Japan doll body with completely rerooted pure white hair. These are the top of the line dolls and doll bodies in Japan!! The outfit is handmade, and features a fully lined white gown that "mermaids" out at the bottom, a white full bow on the bodice with a golden crescent moon in center, headpiece of the crescent moon design on her forehead, shoes, and not shown but included with the doll is her full set of WINGS, as seen in episode #44!!!! A beautiful accent to the doll. Crescent Moon wand included also. She'll come "in box" designed just for her!!!

PRICE: $100.00 US.


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