Princess Serenity Manga/Artbook Style 11" Volks of Japan Custom Doll

The best Princess Serenity doll you can buy! The beautiful princess of the Moon Kingdom!!! She wears a fully lined, full length, double layered, white satin gown, gold decolletage on the bodice and silver beads around her waist and beautiful scalloped puffed sleeves! She has a beautiful organza cape that is removable, a gold bracelet on her wrist, a golden crescent moon in center of forehead, and white shoes!!!! A beautiful doll. She'll come "in box" designed just for her!!!

***Your choice of PURE YELLOW, PURE WHITE or PURE White that changes to Bright Yellow in sunlight hair. Please specify when ordering which type of hair you'd like.***

PRICE: $110.00 US.

***Box style may differ slightly from above pictures*****

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