PGSM Style Sailor Venus 11" Doll

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon

PGSM Sailor Venus 11" Custom Handmade VOLKS/Obitsu Japan Doll

Price: $85.00 in box & stand


This is a lively, very detailed 11" tall fashion doll of Sailor Venus from the PGSM Live Action series! She is so pretty, with pulled back golden curls hair and lively handpainted eyes!

Sailor Venus comes in her indigo, white and orange uniform, with anklet shoes, her PGSM style brooch and transformation bracelet!

This is a beautiful, fully poseable doll that is perfect for the PGSM Venus fan!!!! Doll shown features asuper poseable body, with VOLKS Sh=10 face/head.

*******Box style may vary*******


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