PGSM Style Sailor Luna 10.5" Irwin America Doll

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon

PGSM Sailor Luna 10.5" Custom Handmade Irwin America Style Doll

Irwin America 10.5" style (shown): Price: $95.00 in box & stand

Volks of Japan 8" style (not shown): Price: $75.00 in box & stand


This is a beautiful, very detailed 10.5" tall fashion doll of Sailor Luna from the PGSM Live Action series! She is so adorable, with indigo/blue pigtails in curls, matching velvety ears and poseable tail as well!

Sailor Luna comes in her yellow satiny, plum sheer, white and indigo lycra uniform with pink fur sleeves, with blue boots and pink fur trim at tops, and her PGSM style brooches and even gloves with pink fur gauntlets!! She wears a yellow bow neck choker and a tiara on her head, as well as glimmery earrings!

This is a cute, poseable doll that is perfect for the PGSM Moon fan!!!! Doll shown features an Irwin America style doll. You may also request a FULL VOLKS doll---with both body and head.

*******Box style may vary*******


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