PGSM Style Kunzite 12" Irwin America Doll

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon


PGSM Kunzite 12" Custom Handmade Irwin America Style Doll

Irwin America 12" style (shown): Price: $125.00 in box

Obitsu/Volks of Japan 11.5" style (not shown): Price: $100.00 in box & stand


This is a gorgeous, very detailed 12" tall fashion doll of Kunzite from the PGSM Live Action series! He looks so in charge, with soft long black hair set in a samurai style with headdress.

Kunzite comes in his dark grey and gold general attire with full cape, lined in a purple chiffon, with red and gold epaulettes and tall boots!

This is a terrific, poseable doll that is perfect for the PGSM Moon fan!!!! Doll shown features an Irwin America style doll. You may also request a FULL VOLKS or Obitsu doll---with both body and head.

*******Box style may vary*******
*****Other dolls shown above sold separately.*****


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