Tsuzuki Mari 11" Volks Japan Doll

La Corda d'oro 2 Encore


Mari Tsuzuki 11" Volks Japan Handmade Doll

$95.00 in box and with deluxe stand included

This is a tough, no-nonsense 2nd year college student, who is the maestro of the Seiso Orchestra. She's a very detailed 11" tall fashion doll now from La Corda d'oro 2 Encore! She is super poseable wears her concert attire which consists of a deep purple long jacket with button cuffs, a white inner blouse with high collar, cravat and sleeves, a grey vest with golden patterns all over it, charcoal pants and black boots. Her black-brown hair is set in her ringlet side bangs with high curly ponytail in back! She has a Volks EB B body and an SH-03 head, with gorgeous handpainted iridescent eyes.


****Kira Akihito doll shown above NOT included, but available for additional cost.*****


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