Yuzuru Arikawa 11.5" VOLKS of Japan Doll

Harukanaru Toki no Naka De 3

Yuzuru & Nozomi!!

Yuzuru Arikawa 11.5" VOLKS of Japan Handmade Doll

$150.00 in box and with deluxe stand included

This is a super handsome, very detailed 11" tall fashion doll of Yuzuru Arikawa from Harukanaru Toki no Naka De 3! He is super poseable and can do almost any pose you can do!! He wears very beautiful and detailed clothing--a white A-shirt with dual red trim at collar, with ceremonial pale periwinkle pants and brown shoes. Over his shirt, he wears a lavender yukata one sleeved kimono robe, lined in plum, with handpainted floral grey/orchid/blue/green designs all over. The sleeve is detached, and connected with criss cross black rope! He wears a brown pleather armor on his left arm and shoulder, trimmed in black/silver with a golden jewel at wrist and with 3 green strap belts around his chest with metal buckles. He has a black pleather wide hip belt, trimmed in gold, with a buckle and with a sculpted horn at his left side. He has a green with gold patterns side sash, trimmed in black with a gold hoop at hip. He has removable metal eyeglasses and a carries a huge bow and arrow. He has the Volks "N" male body and the super handsome Neo Goh Guy 01 head, rerooted in a bright "ever green" in the finest Katsilk hair! As a final touch, he has the Dragon Jewel of the Byakko of Heaven, a clear diamond crystal tiny faux crystal jewel on the side of his right neck! So gorgeous and fully detailed in every way! This is an amazingly meticulously made doll!!

***Nozomi Kasuga 11" Doll Sold Separately. If you are interested in acquiring the other Harukanaru characters, please inquire for details.***



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