Chang Wufei, Sally Po
& Christoper, Lee, Xiang, Pei and Won

1/6 Scale Volks of Japan Dolls


These are handcrafted, customized Anime dolls of Chang Wufei, Sally Po and their future children, Christopher, Lee, Xiang, Pei and Won, from the hit anime series "Gundam Wing". They are 1/6 scale, from VOLKS of Japan, approx. 11" tall (while the children vary in size from 3" - 7" in height), with fully poseable bodies and removable clothing. They are wearing the outfits they wore in the Endless Waltz Movie and the Anime Series. Other outfits available for purchase. Please inquire for details.


Endless Waltz Edition Wufei, Sally, Christopher, Lee, Xiang, Pei & Won Doll Set $345.00



Chang Wufei Anime Edition 11" Doll $95.00


Sally Po Endless Waltz Edition 11" Doll $95.00


Christoper Chang 8" Doll $50.00


Lee Chang 6" Doll $45.00


Xiang Chang 5" Doll $45.00


Pei Chang 4" Doll $40.00


Won Chang 3" Doll $35.00



Also available (click on links below to view pictures):

Chang Wufei 11" Endless Waltz Mariemaia Uniform Outfit $29.99

Chang Wufei 11" Version 3 Doll $95.00

Sally Po Alliance Uniform 11" Outfit from Anime Series $29.99



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