Treize Khushrenada, Lady Une
& Mariemaia Khushrenada

1/6 Scale Volks of Japan Dolls


These are handcrafted, customized Anime dolls of Treize Khushrenada, Lady Une and Mariemaia Khushrenada from the hit anime series "Gundam Wing". They are 1/6 scale, approx. 11" tall, with fully poseable bodies and removable clothing. They are wearing the outfits they wore in the Anime Series. Other outfits available for purchase. Please inquire for details.


Anime Edition Treize, Une and Mariemaia Doll Set $315.00



Treize Khushrenada Anime Edition 11" Doll $115.00


Lady Une Anime Edition 11" Doll $105.00 (Please specify if you'd like her hair in buns or straight down as shown)


Mariemaia Khushrenada 7" Doll $90.00



Also available: (Click on the link below to view the pictures)

Lady Une's Preventers 11" Outfit $29.99






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